The centre of the GimliPay experience – the Online account is a secure „e-wallet“ that allows members to send and receive monies across the globe both inexpensively and in real time. Transacting in many different global currencies with competitive exchange rates the Online account allows members/merchants to send and receive monies to or from any other Online account holder or Cash Card holder. Payments can also be made from an Online account to any bank account in the world. 


Card Program

Global Debitards – Prepaid


• Multi issued MasterCard or VISA prepaid card programme supported by a global secured money float, managed by licensed suppliers world wide. 

• Our system manages all aspects of the programmes including set up, issuance and payments processing.   

• GimliPay cards and mobile wallet offer the same flexibility and features as traditional payment cards for consumers. 


Mobile Banking App


• Uncomplicated user registration process, only valid ID required to open the account. 

• Account with online payment card active within minutes. Physical payment card to be received within 1 week after account activation, connected to user account. 

• Mobile application for smartphones. 

• Mobile banking and financial services, built on “open banking” technology and network of supplier partners. 

• Block chain technology and cryptocurrency services. 

• IoT -integrated seamless technology, connecting users and merchants. 

• Benefits for end-users, employers/org and retailers/merchants. 

• Social media and community interface. 

• Network of trusted partners and merchants.